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Welcome to Grenade Games #7

Posted 7 years ago by el tapatio1 Comment

Here’s a few photos of the welcoming party at Grenade Games #7. It’s always awesome getting the fam and friends together. Looks like a long weekend for all of us in Big Bear. Hope you guys made it up for GG7.

Enjoy the pix.

:: Sable with Louie Vito ::

:: Chief Eddie Wall ::

:: Danny Kass and Jason of JN Media ::

:: TomTom and his party lights ::

:: Lucas Magoon & Mason Aguirre ::

One response to “Welcome to Grenade Games #7”

  1. […] that he has a heart of pure PLATINUM and DIAMONDS… SUCH A GREAT DUDE!! You can see more pictures HERE HERE HERE!!! (Thank you Danny, Dingo, JC, Tal & […]

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